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The Wolves of Elementa Book 4: Title, Cover, & Blurb Reveal (Plus More)!

Hey everyone! I hope your summer was amazing, and that the start of school has been going well for you.

I’m thrilled to finally share the title, cover, and blurb of my newest book. It’ll be called The Wolves of Elementa: Flaming Fate and features Ember on the cover. I had tons of fun writing this book! Ember is definitely a complex character, and it was an amazing experience to see Elementa from his point of view.

For some more exciting news, Flaming Fate will be my longest book yet. The paperback comes to a total of 430 pages! Yes, you read that right! 430 pages! That’s double the size of an average novel in The Wolves of Elementa series! Because this is the conclusion to arc one, I wanted to ensure I captured everything a thrilling finale should have. I included TONS of action, surprises, funny and tear-jerking moments in this one.

Here is the blurb:

Uncover the truth behind Elementa’s most notorious wolf, in this epic conclusion to arc one in The Wolves of Elementa series. Ember has been running his entire life. From his pack, from his family, and from his past. All that changes when he is forced to revisit the volcanic wasteland of the Fire Wolves, where he ascends to kingship. Ember begins a perilous quest for power, with help from a secretive new friend, and an advisor who is more than she seems. Ember’s ambition convinces the world that his heart has darkened... but there’s always two sides to every story. Discover his in this action-packed adventure!

Flaming Fate will be published in the next few weeks.

I'm now working on some novellas (short stories) for The Wolves of Elementa universe. One is about a brand new pack of wolves! More info on that will be coming soon...

I'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone who's been making fan art, leaving awesome reviews online, and sending me questions about the books. Your kindness and support honestly make my day, every day.

Have a PAWsome day everyone! :)

- Sophie Torro


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