About Sophie

Sophie Torro is a Canadian teen author, who has already published seven fantasy adventure novels for the 7-to-14-year-old demographic, along with an educational children’s book that she wrote and illustrated. Sophie is also a Travel Writer for TraveLife Magazine, one of North America’s largest travel magazines.


How did it all start?

It was during a family vacation to San Francisco when 11-year-old Sophie fell in love with a small grey pigeon at Fisherman’s Wharf. He wasn’t as big as the others, and didn’t have all his talons on one foot, but he held his own hobbling around to get crumbs. Later that night, as she crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, Sophie’s adventure fantasy world of SkyTalons began to soar. During the flight home, she wrote down all of her ideas for the storyline, and created the dynamic characters that would live within her bird world. 


When Sophie was 15-years-old, in 2019, she published her first novel!


The SkyTalons series is sold internationally and has received 5-star ratings. SKYTALONS: CORNELIUS’ CURSE (September 2019) is the first book in the series and is beloved by readers throughout the world. Sophie then released SKYTALONS: SHADOWS WITHIN (January 2020), SKYTALONS: KHAN’S CHAOS (May 2020) and SKYTALONS: BREE’S BURDEN (January 2021). Two additional SkyTalons books are planned for release in 2021/2022.

Q&A Kids...

Sophie has written and illustrated her educational children’s series called Q&A Kids that launched in April 2020. Q&A KIDS: WHAT IS THE CORONAVIRUS? is available in French and English and is currently part of the grade 2 school curriculum in Honolulu, Hawaii. More books in the Q&A Kids series are in the works.

Ghost of Lanturna...

In 2020, Sophie created an epic fantasy adventure series about griffins:

GHOST OF LANTURNA: THE SOLAR SIEGE was released (September 2020), followed by GHOST OF LANTURNA: THE LUNAR LAIR (November 2020). Additional books are planned for the series.

The Wolves of Elementa...

Sophie's newest series is about a mythical world of wolves. THE WOLVES OF ELEMENTA: FROZEN SECRETS was released in May 2021. Additional books are forthcoming in the series.

Travel Writing...

In June 2020,  TraveLife Magazine, the largest Canadian online travel publication and one of the largest in North America, invited then 16-year-old Sophie to become a contributing travel writer. Her first article entitled GREEK ODYSSEY appeared in the September 2020 issue, and was followed by GRAND CANYON about Johnston Canyon in Alberta, Canada, in the December 2020 issue. CATHERINE PALACE, JEWEL IN RUSSIA'S CROWN is about St. Petersburg, Russia, and is in the March 2021 edition of the magazine.

The rest....

Sophie was interviewed by Kobo Writing Life for their podcast that aired in January 2021. You can listen to it here.


When Sophie isn’t writing or doing homework, you’ll find her creating video content for her 16.4K YouTube subscribers that follow her from all around the world. Sophie currently lives in Western Canada, where she does in-person and online motivational speaking for youth, and is in her final year of high-school. Sophie is a member of the Writers' Guild of Alberta.

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