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New Year, New Book Reveal!

I can't believe it's finally New Years Eve today! I hope everyone had a fantastic 2022, and I wish everyone a spectacular 2023.

To celebrate the new year, here are some long-awaited reveals for the sixth SkyTalons book. Hooray!

The title is SkyTalons: Freedom Flight. Here is the cover. It features Jarquanzila up front, along with Cornelius (left) and Shadow (right).

Here is what the book is about:

Bree knows the time has come to be bold. Kawthra has conquered the world. The Peacock Tribe has been tricked into following a dark path. And the new SkyTalons are running rampant, spreading division and lies wherever they go.

To turn the tide of fate, Bree will need to take greater risks, and fight like never before. However, her recklessness goes too far, and Kawthra imprisons her in a realm unlike any other. In this dangerous new world, Kawthra makes the rules, and changes them as it sees fit. But Bree doesn’t have to face this peril alone.

Cornelius, Shadow, Jarquanzila and Bree band together to survive—and escape. Will they manage to defeat Kawthra and save the bird world? Find out in this thrilling sixth installment of the hit SkyTalons series!

SkyTalons: Freedom Flight will be released early 2023. Stay tuned for more information.


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