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Introducing The Coyotes of Discord!

Hi everyone!

I have exciting news to share with you. In fact, I’m on the edge of my seat typing this!

A while ago, I said that I was writing a novella about coyotes. Guess what? It’s published and now available on Amazon. Squee!

It is the first in a spin-off mini series called The Coyotes of Discord and follows the adventure of Chitter, an optimistic and perky coyote. Here is the cover and blurb:


The island of Discord is fractured between warring packs of coyotes. Chitter knows that peace for her kind is possible, if only they would put aside their differences and work together. She seems alone in her values... until a stranger appears.

The coyotes are fascinated by their wolf visitor. He understands the problems they face and knows how to fix them. The packs regard him as a hero, but Chitter becomes less certain over time. Her determination to uncover the truth takes her down a dangerous path, and the outcome may forever change the coyote world.

I know what you’re probably thinking. Is that a new cover artist? Yes! The covers will now be illustrated by the extremely talented Bahar Alaei. I hope you love this new style as much as I do.

As for the future of TWoE...

I am still working on the remastered editions of the first four books, and seriously love how they are coming along.

I also have, like, too many ideas to count for more novellas. If you enjoy this one and want to see more, please consider making a lot of noise about it. Five-star ratings/reviews are super appreciated.

That’s all the news I have for now. Sorry if this sounds sappy, but thank you for being the best readers in the world. You make writing all the more magical.

Until next time,




I love this book so much will this be a series or just one book?


Oh my goodness, I ordered the book the moment I saw it, and the day it arrived I finished it (few weeks ago now lol)! One of the most epic books so far, Sophie!

Replying to

You too! Thanks! =^^= Good luck on your future books!



Wow!!!!!!!!! I need this. Yayyyyy!!!


absolutely going to be reading! Can't wait!

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