Tough Times

Hello flockmates! It's been some time since I've posted on my blog and for that, I apologize. But since we are all now house-bound, or should be, I have been working hard on a few things that I'm excited to share with you....

There is so much uncertainty in the world these days that it's tough to stay positive. The Coronovirus or Covid-19 virus has really taken us all by surprise, and it seems like the world changed overnight! But, like all of you, I'm being realistic to what's happening and taking precautions to not catch the disease, or carry it to others, The other night, I was watching the news (only for a few minutes as it's super depressing!) and heard something important. A doctor was saying that we should all pretend that we have the disease so that we don't contaminate others. Many people are carriers of the Coronavirus and don't even know it. So, it's spreading faster than students escaping school on the last day of the year (especially ME haha)!

I was looking for info online that I could easily understand but had trouble finding anything that I could relate to. So, rather than waiting for someone else to write a book about the Coronavirus, I decided to write one myself. I've been wanting to start a new book series so this was a great first book topic in Q&A Kids.

I love to draw, but to be honest, I'm not really good at it. But I did make a few fun characters that turned out ok. I wanted this new book to be easy to understand and yet add some fun into this scary world that we all now live in.

So, now that Q&A Kids: What is the Coronovirus? is published, I've shifted gears back to SkyTalons. I finished the 3rd book the other day, so it's now in final editing. The book cover is also in production and I'm excited with the draft of it. This part is the most exciting for me, but also the most stressful. I have a vision in my head, that I try hard to detail to the artists so it's now a "wait and hope" that it turns out the way I see it.

Book 3 of SkyTalons is called 'Khan's Chaos' and I hope that it'll be published in about a month or so. Crossing my fingers that all goes to plan. I'll give you a little hint of what's to come....

There will be the return of some past villains, alongside the introduction of some new and unexpected ones!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that each of you takes the time to see the little positives in your day. They are there, but may be hard to see some days. I pray that the world will heal soon and that you all keep well and safe.