Introducing ... Ghost of Lanturna: The Solar Siege

I'm thrilled to reveal the cover of the first book in the Ghost of Lanturna series! What do you think?

Here is what it's all about:

In Gritheria—a noble kingdom ruled by griffins—there are legends of two powerful beings: Helios, the griffin of the sun, and Selene, the griffin of the moon. When a clash between the two results in their disappearance for hundreds of years, the kingdom is left to wonder the truth. Why had the eclipse really formed? And, even more troubling, who had been the one to cause it?

In modern times, the unthinkable suddenly happens, and the world is plunged into eternal, everlasting day. Draven, a lone thief, finds himself at the heart of an adventure that he never could have expected. He must do the unthinkable—leave the safety of Gritheria behind in order to save his home.

The fate of the kingdom rests with Draven and a runaway princess. Along the way, the two unlikely heroes encounter dragons, unicorns, and a menacing basilisk. Will the griffins manage to accept their shared destiny, or are they doomed along with the rest of the world? Find out as this thrilling adventure takes flight!

Release date: September 2020 - exact date to be announced shortly.